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Although there are a million different ways to lose weight, most options are not always effective, or will not work over the long-term. Thus, it is important not only to lose weight but to lose it safely and effectively and keep it off. This includes losing weight that your body can do without and doing so without compromising your overall health. For optimum weight loss, visit our physicians for weight loss programs your body needs.

Our highly qualified staff will make sure you receive the proper care to achieve your weight-loss goals efficiently, timely, and effectively. We will make sure you are losing weight without deep anxiety and stress on your mind and body to ensure your weight loss goals reach their maximum potential.

Through the use of numerous procedures including red light therapy, vibration therapy, medical supplements, weight loss information knowledge assessment, and with the help of the expert supervision of our medical professionals at Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic, we can help sculpt the body that you’ve always wanted. Our team is highly effective at customizing weight loss programs for each individual and we specialize in both men and women’s weight loss to ensure that everyone reaches their weight loss goals.

If you would like to set up a weight loss program with Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic at our office in Hammond, Indiana, you’re welcome to call our team at 219-803-6651. We look forward to hearing from you!