While there are many programs and individuals who claim to offer “expert” weight loss programs, only a skilled physician can help you lose weight without hurting yourself in the process. Our weight loss physicians are dedicated to providing you with a customized weight loss plan that will help you lose weight safely and without compromising your overall health.

Our doctors at Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic provide medical weight loss programs to professionally manage your weight loss, ensuring that your specific weight management needs and goals are met without causing distress to your mind or your body. Your customized weight loss plan may include some of the latest medical breakthroughs, including red light therapy, vibration therapy, and medical supplements.

Because your weight loss plan is supervised by qualified medical professionals, it can be much easier for you to lose weight and sculpt the healthy body that you have been trying to achieve. Both men and women have been able to meet their weight goals through our customized physician weight loss programs.

We invite you to call Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic today at 219-803-6651 to schedule your consultation with our medical specialists so you can learn more about our physician weight loss programs and begin building your way to a better you.