Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic features the latest technologies to ensure that we can provide you with comfortable, effective treatments that will promote your overall health and well-being. We are committed to helping you achieve an excellent quality of life. Below, you will find a list and brief descriptions of the technologies used at our office. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have about the technology used in your treatment.

Decompression Table
Our chiropractors may use a decompression table to gently pull your spine in a way that relieves tension and pain. This technology is often used for mild cases of back pain.

Heat Laser Machine
Heat laser machines are often used as part of a pain management program. Lasers are used to help reduce pain and enhance the healing of tissues to improve your comfort and overall well-being.

Red Light Therapy
Red light therapy relies on an infrared laser to stimulate the healing and repair responses of the body. This technology has proven to be effective for weight loss as well as cosmetic improvements to the skin.

Alkaline Water Systems
Our practice features two Alkaline Water systems, which work to filter and ionize the water you drink so that it is safe. It also adds antioxidants and alkalizing compounds to increase the health benefits of your Alkaline Water treatment.

Inada Massage Chairs
Our practice features several Inada massage chairs. These massage chairs feature patented scanning technology that customizes each massage session to your individual profile to help melt away muscle soreness and fatigue. These chairs are often a gentler option than traditional massage therapy, and our doctors may recommend them for children or as a supplement to other treatments.

Whole Body Vibration
Our whole-body vibration machine promotes musculoskeletal healing and strengthening. This type of therapy produces vibrations that force the muscles to contract and relax, increasing the speed of blood flow throughout the body to increase circulation, enhance metabolism, reduce stress, aid in weight loss, and improve your muscle strength.

Intersegmental Traction Tables
Intersegmental traction tables are used to gently re-establish the normal ranges of the body’s spine. These tables help to relax the muscles and reduce muscle spasms by creating passive motion that causes mild stretching and improve mobility. Treatments with intersegmental traction tables work by gently mobilizing the spinal column and stretching the muscles and ligaments.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Our chiropractors may place electrodes on the skin that send mild electric currents to the attached areas. This treatment helps reduce inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, strengthen muscle, and relieve pain.

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