An accident can be terribly disorienting and can involve stress that goes beyond the initial incident.  In many cases, a person who has been in an accident may be unaware of the full extent of their injuries or may not understand the options for treatment. At Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic in Hammond, Indiana, our doctor can help you on the road to recovery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 219-803-6651 today.

Why Chiropractic After an Accident?

After an accident, your chiropractor can effectively treat common accident related problems, like problems with your back, soft tissues and whiplash. These injuries often create headaches or other types of discomfort that become more evident over time, and our chiropractor can address those problems before they become bigger. If you have mobility problems after an accident, your chiropractor can restore your range of motion, and even release the hormones in your body that can relieve some of your pain. This is will decrease your need for prescription painkillers or opioids. A chiropractic examination may also detect injuries that are not always found through X-rays or other exam procedures.

If you have been in a vehicle accident in Hammond, Indiana, we invite you to call us today, to start your path to recovery.