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Massage therapy is extremely effective for loosening tension and helping your body relax. There are numerous forms of massage to select from, including trigger point massage and deep tissue massage. Depending on your level of stress, pain levels, muscle tension, and anxiety, our team can determine which form of massage will be best to help you.

Typically, massage therapy requires manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help relieve pressure both physically and mentally. Numerous studies have found massage to be helpful for a wide range of ailments including headaches, injuries, anxiety, digestion, and many more conditions and ailments.

Massage therapy can be used to help with head, neck, or back pain, and it is even proven to help speed up recovery following an injury. Our team at Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic offers numerous options for massage and therapy times to meet your needs. We offer mini massage sessions along with longer options including 30-minute and 1-hour therapies.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety and would like massage therapy to help relieve the tension, visit our office in Hammond, Indiana today. You can book an appointment with us by calling us at 219-803-6651. Our team looks forward to seeing you. From all of us at Kennedy Avenue Chiropractic, we wish you a happy Halloween!